+40 years of real-world experience to support your team.

We created Orkestrato after seeing many teams wasting time on non-core things. While the backlog kept growing.

Data and infrastructure experts at your service

Christian Barra

Data, Backend and infrastructure

+12 years of experience in software. Christian worked and consulted for company like made.com, WayFair, Scor, CARIAD (VW) and Infarm.

Alexandre Savio

Data, Backend and infrastructure

Ph.D, Postdoc at TUM. Alex spent his lifetime working with data and he maturated a world-class experience in companies like Siemens, Nordcloud, CARIAD (VW), Personio, Klarna and Continental.

Matteo Guzzo

Data and Machine Learning infrastructure

Ph.D, Postdoc at École Polytechnique. Matteo helped companies like Scout24, Deutsche Bahn, Idalab, Daimler, John Lewis, and Hotspot Therapeutics extract values from their data.